Security Considerations for Connected Vehicles and Dedicated Short Range Communications


Abstract - For decades, automotive manufacturers tempted our imagination with innovations in design, engineering, and the possibilities of things to come. Now, we are about to arrive at the era of connected vehicles and self-driving cars soon thereafter. And as ready as consumers are for these innovations, this fusion of wireless architecture and automotive production requires new considerations. Before any launch of Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC), a priori considerations regarding cybersecurity must be addressed to ensure the safety of the public and the efficacy of the American transportation industry. Given the demonstrable vulnerabilities in modern and connected vehicles, mitigations must be developed to address risks to life and safety. As such, a security framework or standard ought to be developed and implemented alongside a compliance regime by automotive original equipment manufacturers prior to the deployment of DSRC. In this way, the automotive community can continue its legacy of safety engineering, which consumers have come to expect due to decades of diligent work by vehicle manufacturers. Vehicle security architectures are necessary to protect consumers, to protect the investment in DSRC, and to protect the future of automotive innovation.