Build Better Products.  Meet Your Customer.  Get Sales.

Our program is a way for cybersecurity start-ups to get traction, build a better product, and get funded.  To qualify you must apply and demonstrate your firm’s ability to move beyond today’s state-of-the-art.

We leverage a national footprint of partners, mentors and start-ups to attack this single market via a 16 week focused program. Your firm will receive an investment, unparalleled mentorship from proven minds in the field, and ready access to potential customers.

We put a priority on product development and customer acquisition. Our application process ensures that all accepted start-ups meet industry technical requirements.

Singular Focus on Security


Product development requires specialization, as does connecting with your customer.  Selecting a service provider who deeply understands the market is how you will rise to the top of it.

A focus on security technology means that every aspect of our program—selection criteria, mentor curriculum, corporate partnerships, and investor stable—will be more effective in helping your InfoSec venture succeed. 

Our program gives your start-up exposure to rigorous business methodologies needed to efficiently achieve viable traction. We bring expertise in InfoSec Product Development, Design, Operations and Strategy as well as Venture Capital, Finance, Marketing and Sales--all designed to outfit your firm with operational clarity and executional skill. 

There are no distractions, no detractors, and no diversions.  Our program is a dedicated time to build, grow, and prove your capability to customers. 

It's like having Alan Greenspan help you with your taxes.

We’ve curated the members of our Mentor Network like you would staff a great company—with proven industry veterans chosen specifically for each operational expertise. Think of it as having former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan help you with your taxes.

We believe that the success of security products depends as much on their unique market value as it does on product reliability, quality of the user experience and ease of configuration. We put a clear focus on mentoring every aspect of your product design, development, release and maintenance processes. 

There is nothing more powerful than your company, on stage, with your customer - having them promote the goodness of your product.

Demo Day at SecureSet is closed to only industry-aligned potential customers, investors, and journalists.  This is about demonstrating your value.

The goal of Demo Day is to promote business opportunities.  Whereas most events of this nature focus on investor seduction, your Demo Day at SecureSet is designed to bring you customers.

Rather than treating Demo Day as a culminating event, we believe that it is an opportunity for business development with enterprise customers.  You belong here.

Meet a thriving ecosystem of startups, cybersecurity companies, enterprise customers, and startup capital

Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in America, Denver is home to a booming tech ecosystem.  Some of the nation's top companies are right here in the Denver metro area.  Colorado is one of the leading markets for cybersecurity business in the country.  You want to build in Denver and take advantage of the thriving business community -- with easy access to nature and craft beer.

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