IoT Security 101 (Galvanize Boulder)

  • SecureSet Academy 3801 Franklin Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States

Security 101 Workshops are designed specially for security newbies.

If you’ve got programming, systems or networking chops but no clue about vulnerabilities, come join some popular SecureSet expert instructors for some lively, entry-level, hands-on adventures in what good, bad and really bad security mean in today’s fastest moving technology segments.

IoT Security 101 - IoT is used in everything from the power grid to hospitals. Learn the basics of firmware and software security for hardware programmable machines. Understand basic attacks to gain privilege escalation, deny service, and take over a device - and how to defend against them. We will go hands-on with embedded devices and open source tools. 

See how hackers will break what you’re building. Learn some key defensive security skills. Take your game to the next level.