Denver/Boulder Cybersecurity Meetup

  • SecureSet 3801 Franklin Street Denver, CO, 80205 United States

A "Key Exchange" of Ideas: Apple, Cryptography & Beer

Apple CEO Tim Cook released A Message to Our Customers in response to the Federal Government's desire to gain exceptional access to Apple iPhones. Why does Apple's refusal to unlock a phone matter to you? Get in on the debate as we tackle the issue from both sides-- while addressing common cryptographic implementation errors. 

Hold on to your hats folks. It's about to get "crypy." Announcing featured speaker, Gerrit Padham.

Our speaker, Gerrit Padgham (@weasel0x00), has been taking stuff apart since he was a small child, always curious how things worked, from the inside out. This curiosity has extended well into his professional career, where he started as a Linux Systems Administrator and PHP Developer. He then transitioned in to a consulting position where he was exposed to vast amounts of technologies which were applied to an even greater number of business models. This exposure, along with the demands to “make it work”, quickly set Gerrit apart as the “go to guy” to get things done. Gerrit found out that his curiosity and a divergent thinking, led him finding alternative uses for common systems and interfaces. This mindset has lead to the type of security work Gerrit performs today. Gerrit is the owner and principal at Electric Alchemy, LLC where his business provides boutique security & Infrastructure consulting services to businesses of all sizes, including small start ups to fortune 500s.

Gerrit’s specialties include security architecture; penetration testing; application security; and configuration as code. He is a certified CISSP and CEH (only to satisfy the HR machine). Gerrit is also a field active member of the Evergreen, Colorado based Alpine Rescue Team. He enjoys Mountain biking and Backcountry Skiing in his spare time.